Identify strong
in seconds

  • Increase good sales & maximize profitability using our proven model
  • Only BHPH system that leverages AI and machine learning from lead to sale
  • Incorporate a diverse set of traditional and alternative data sources
  • Application to approval in 10 minutes
    40 minute industry average

Neo helps increase good sales and decrease bad sales

Benefit from the collective wisdom of top national dealers
that trust us with their business

loan scoring


Approve the toughest deals

Our unique approach enables an auto lender to approve even the toughest of deals. On such deals, in addition to providing a score, Neo also specifies what downpayment, loan term, monthly payment, etc. will make the deal approvable, all based on your historic data.



Intelligent sales actions

Neo's A.I. Sales Manager is aware of all sales activity in the organization, intelligently schedules the best next action, and keeps the sales team accountable.


Real-time updates

  • Ensure leads are worked in a timely manner by everyone
  • Engage leads with automated text messages and phone calls
  • Get alerted when customer responds

Income Verification


Fast verification

Verify customer’s income, employment and true budget in less than a minute directly from customer’s bank, CU or pre-paid card

  • Faster decisions due to reduced stipulations like employment & income verification
  • Higher approvals due to greater insight into an applicant’s non payroll income
  • 20,000+ US banks, CU and pre-paid card providers on the platform, 96% US coverage

Applicant summary report

The Neo Summary Report provides detailed analysis of the loan applicant, which includes:

  • Employment verification
  • Income history and verification (payroll, govt benefit, etc)
  • Supplemental income verification, e.g. Cash App
  • Balances of bank accounts
  • Average Income and Cashflow
  • Monthly Expenses Breakdown
  • Employment and Payroll
  • Payday Loans
  • Bank Account Balances



Robust data in real-time

Real-time visibility across your entire operation, from lead through term of loan

  • Track and manage profitability in real-time
  • Integrate data from various systems across your organization
  • Role based access ensures each team member sees data relevant to them

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